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Creating and running a Docker image on a Mac

  • Download and install Docker from here.
  • These are instructions to build a Docker image by hand, and then save it using “commit”.  You can repeat this process and commit with the same name to update it.
  • This shows how to build a new docker image using a Docker file:
  • Here are instructions about how to run GUIs inside a Docker image.
  • If you want to have access to your local disks, use “–mount”, rather than “-v”, as described here.  I could not make “-v” work, even though they’re supposed to be equivalent for this usage.
  • Here are instructions on how to list and clean up Docker images and containers.
  • Here is the full example of a command to mount a local disk and access the display:
>docker run -it --rm --mount type=bind,source=/Users/prebys/Box\ Sync/Synergia/,consistency=consistent,target=/Synergia/ -w /Synergia/ -e DISPLAY=  prebys-synergia